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ALL NEW! ENIGMACROSS™ 7.x     $39.95     buy now!     get demo
    constructing a puzzle
With Enigmacross you can print acrostics in a variety of styles, and export puzzles in several popular graphic file formats for use with all word processors and desktop publishing software. You can deploy fully interactive acrostics to websites. You can also generate standalone puzzle "player" game applications which can be run and solved on other Windows-based computers. Enigmacross automatically builds the optimum grid based on the quotation that you input. The package also includes the Game Edition so puzzle authors can test out their own creations, or just have a little fun! Enigmacross supports all versions of Windows from XP to Win8, and has an indexed, illustrated on-screen Help.
  puzzlemaking tools

Win10, Win8, Win7, Vista, WinXP, Win2000, WinNT
Also works on Macs with Virtual PC!
Automatic or manual grid design options.
Clue lengths of up to 80 characters.
Multiple Print Formats with preview.
Deployment of acrostics to websites. Try it!
Preserve hyphens and apostrophes in grid.
Crossdown Quotebank.
Generate standalone "Players." Download!
Hot link digital reference sources.
Export to EPS or WMF graphic files.
Export to PDF. Try it!
Puzzle numbering and transposing.

  crossdown quotebank

This latest version of Enigmacross includes Crossdown Quotebank. Quotebank is a quotation database manager for storing acrostic puzzle quotations or other kinds of text passages. Quotations are organized by topic. Quotations can be formatted for use by Enigmacross right within Quotebank and can be searched on by topic, text string or author-title line. You can also append notes to the quotations to help keep track of how they were used.

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