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Not interested in constructing your own crossword puzzles or acrostics? Crossdown Triple Game Pack features all the challenge and enjoyment of solving puzzles exactly like the ones found in newspapers or magazines on your computer. Or you can print them out for traditional pencil-and-paper solving. The Triple Game Pack is strictly for solvers. It includes the game versions of Crossdown and Enigmacross, as well as the complete version of Quiptics, with 300 professionally constructed crosswords by many of the top names in the industry, more than 100 acrostic puzzles, and more than 100 cryptograms. Enjoy all three of Crossdown's award-winning games for the low price of $29.95. System requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, or 2000.

The Crossdown Triple Game Pack features all you could ever wish for in a mind stimulating and challenging puzzle set. The puzzle packs are also a great addition to anyone who is looking to advance in the puzzle or acrostics world and can also supplement memory and brain training exercises. The puzzles available in our Triple Game Pack are often likened to the enjoyable games which can be played in a professional online casino. Games like video poker can often challenge the mind and intellectual thought thinking process which generally helps positively affect your ability to partake in puzzles and acrostics.

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